MG Roguelike

Currently prototyping a roguelike game in Unity reminiscent of Metal Gear Solid.

This project is my first dive into 3D development, still learning the ropes on the nuances of 3D.

  • Scripted a dynamic camera to follow and reveal the player dependent on the space.
  • Created a health bar that simulates older retro design.
  • Designed particle effects that add to the atmosphere.
  • Implemented an automatic targeting system that allows the player to freely switch between targets.

Indoor Navigator (GitHub)

An app for helping students find their way around campus using their class schedule.

This was created in Unity with a small team as part of our senior design course.

  • Configured MapBox SDK with the campus map to accurately find the user's location
  • Used A* pathfinding to let user's find their next class and navigate through the campus.
  • Utilized modern UX design principles and created the UI to give users a credible experience.
  • Worked on schedule builder back-end and integrated it with the front-end.

Base Defense Game (GitHub)

A game inspired by classic Flash games from childhood.

Made by myself and two other programmers in Unity.

We created this in a class that simulated a professional project environment.

  • Scripted the camera to create atmosphere, with screen shake and dynamic movement.
  • Programmed and designed the UI, using minimalist design principles for the main HUD and concise menus for wave end/upgrade screens.
  • Utilized classes for different shooting mechanics and implemented an inventory/stats system for tracking multiple weapons and upgrades.
  • Created particle effects including: blood spatter, explosions, and bullet trails.


I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of North Texas (Spring 2023).

A passionate game developer looking for opportunities in the video game industry. I primarily work in Unity Engine, using C# to script and control game mechanics. I have a fundamental understanding of game design and UX design. I also have experience with C/C++, Python and HTML/CSS.

I have worked on and prototyped games since childhood, starting from Scratch to GameMaker and into Unity. My goal is to create fun experiences for many to enjoy while learning much in the process. Please follow me for updates on my work!

Outside of school I'm a huge gaming nerd that's been playing video games for over 20 years. My passion for them is what inspired me to learn programming. I also love making art and watching anime/manga.

My Tentative Top 5 List of Games:

Currently playing Tears of the Kingdom and reading Vagabond!